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U.S.S. Seawolf, by Patrick Robinson

This is a book in the Admiral Arnold Morgan series by Robinson. This time Morgan as a National Security Advisor is up against the increasingly brazen People’s Republic of China.

China has come into possession of stolen U.S. military technology, and now they are using it to produce new and frightening weapons. Perhaps the most frightening is the new ICBM submarine Xia III – this is a vessel that might be able to launch a nuclear warhead across the Pacific Ocean and take out an American West Coast city. This is not a scenario that Arnold Morgan is fond of. He simply can’t let anything like this happen.

Morgan dispatches the most stealthy hunter-killer submarine in the U.S. fleet, the 9,000-ton ultra-secret Seawolf deep into the dark, forbidden waters of the South China Sea. But there the unthinkable happens: Seawolf collides with a Chinese destroyer and falls into enemy hands – a failure of immense proportions. Instead of learning the Chinese capabilities, the US has now delivered even more dangerous technology into the hands of the Chinese. And there is more than just the technology at stake in this case.

Morgan explores all the possible options for dealing with this dangerous new situation. He decides to send a team of cunning Navy SEALs — the biggest Special Forces assault group assembled since Vietnam. Now the American Eagle is committed to a confrontation with the Chinese, with the balance of world power on the line. Failure is not an option.

This is an action-packed thriller where Robinson very skillfully ratchets the tension higher and higher. USS Seawolf is a very intense and entertaining book.