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The Private Revolution of Geoffrey Frost: Being an Account of the Life and Times of Geoffrey Frost, by J.E. Fender

This first book in J. E. Fender’s series about Geoffrey Frost, a new nautical fiction series, introduces us to the setting – the North-Eastern coast of America,  and the main characters. Most of the action in this book is set in New Hampshire and up along the coast to British Canada. We are at the beginning of the American Revolution, and the British are the bad guys. Geoffrey Frost has returned from an adventure in the Caribbean with an English prize and somewhat reluctantly turns himself into a privateer because friends and country need him.

The lengthy subtitle of this work, Being an Account of the Life and Times of Geoffrey Frost, Mariner, of Portsmouth, in New Hampshire, as Faithfully Translated from the Ming Tsun Chronicles, and Diligently Compared with Other Contemporary Histories well describes the contents of this very readable work.

With the excellent sloop “Jaguar” at his command, and with more than two hundred volunteers eager to go hunting for British prizes, Geoffrey Frost embarks upon a career as a licensed privateer funding the American cause. The book is full of action, both at sea and on land. Frost sets out to liberate American prisoners in Louisburg and capture English ships. And by employing some clever tactics as well as engaging in heavy and fierce fighting, he achieves his goals. And our hero Frost reveals a flair for tactics and coolness under fire that bodes very well for his wartime career.

J. E. Fender knows his subject matter, has done some excellent research and writes well. I view this as a very good first book for the series. The Private Revolution of Geoffrey Frost is an entertaining read and provides a fresh and interesting perspective as well.