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Tenacious, by Julian Stockwin

This is the sixth book in the Thomas Kydd series by Julian Stockwin. It is probably the best so far, and the most action-filled as well. The year is 1803, and once again tensions are escalating between  England and France. While the Royal Navy launches reconnaissance, rescue missions, and spies on the continent, French privateer ships are lurking in English waters poised to strike at British trade.

Lieutenant Thomas Kydd takes his place on the quarterdeck of the 64 guns Tenacious in this adventure. As part of a small squadron commanded by Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson, Kydd scours the Mediterranean in search of Napoleon and his army. Then his ambition leads Kydd to volunteer for shore service with the British army in the capture of Minorca. And, as well, to the Battle of the Nile as the British take on the French in a brutal struggle for naval supremacy.

And in the siege of Acre, where a handful of British seamen under the command of Sir Sidney Smith must stand against a daunting army of more than 13,000, Kydd plays a part as well.

This book is a must-read for people who (like me) enjoy naval historical fiction from the Age of Sails!


‘Leaves the reader almost tasting the sea-salt on the wind and wanting to search out the previous books … Long live Kydd’

– Good Book Guide