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Ramage’s Signal, by Dudley Pope

I like this series better and better. I thought the first book I read was good, but not in any way exceptional. But this book, actually the eleventh in the sequence I think, more or less blew my mind. To my mind, this is a book that is up there with Patrick O’Brian, C.S. Forrester, Dewey Lambkin, and Alexander Kent’s best books!

In this book, Lord Ramage’s captured frigate the Calypso, still carrying French sails, ventures further into the French-dominated waters of the Mediterranean on an Admiralty mission to sink, burn, and destroy. And Ramage is just the guy for this kind of mission! His ingenuity is astonishing! He anticipates, out-thinks, manipulates, and outmaneuvers his enemies time and again during the second part of his independent cruise in the Mediterranean (a wonderful continuation of The Ramage Touch (The Lord Ramage Novels)).

In Ramage’s Signal, Pope has outdone himself. It is an extremely clever novel, inventive, and very smart. Little blood but all the more brains! Ramage comes up with one wily ruse de guerre after another. It takes an extraordinarily talented and inventive author to pull the capers off in such an entertaining fashion!

It’s a book that made me laugh out loud, with a delightful plot, some wonderful and memorable action, a lot of smart comments, and full of knowledge about the age, sail ships, and the technologies of this age. Very entertaining and stimulating indeed!