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Ramage’s Prize, by Dudley Pope

Again Dudley Pope serves a thrilling and intriguing adventure at sea, with the naval hero Lord Ramage on centre stage. Ramage’s Prize is actually based on a true story. Post office packet brigs disappeared and it turned out that they were surrendered to French privateers.

Since the post vessels constitute the major communications link between England and the West Indies, this problem creates huge communication and coordination problems for the British. The how and why the vessels disappear is the mystery here, and again the inventive and cleaver Lord Ramage is assigned to find the solution to a very tricky problem.

This task is of course pretty complicated and – as well – quite possibly a politically dangerous mystery to get involved in. Even so, Lord Ramage chooses to accept the challenge and take on the mission. Very soon young Ramage finds himself in a situation far more complicated than he ever expected. The game involves insurance scams, unlawful trade, deception, and treachery.

The plot in Ramage’s Prize is very interesting. As well, there is that good and interesting action at sea and lots of suspense. And his love Gianna appears too and is every bit as independent, amusing, and charming as always. Also, in this book we meet and learn more about Ramage’s father, Earl Blazey. Very good and entertaining reading! As the rest of the series.