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Governor Ramage, by Dudley Pope

The Lord Ramage series by Dudley Pope is one of my favorite series. It is very, very entertaining and full of clever naval action. A very imaginative and interesting series!

In Governor Ramage, the fourth book in the Ramage series, Lieutenant Lord Nicholas Ramage, now commanding the Triton brig, is assigned to escort a convoy from Barbados to Jamaica. In charge of the convoy is Ramage’s enemy, Rear Admiral Goddard. So, while escort duty is normally a routine and tedious chore, Ramage really has to watch his behind this time. He knows the Admiral is after him, and that he will seize any opportunity to dishonor him.

Again, this is a fast-paced story from Dudley Pope. There is a lot of action. Ramage spots a skulking privateer, his ship is terrorized by a hurricane, he hunts treasure, and he obtains a prize, and finally, he is subjected to another court-martial. And, as usual, Pope’s writing is excellent, and the plot is a little unlikely but even so very interesting. The sea action in this book is good, but there is perhaps a little less of it than I would have liked.

Ramage is a very fascinating character, and to some extent, it is this character and especially his behavior during the court-martial, that makes this book interesting. Governor Ramage is perhaps not the best in the series, but it is still a Ramage very well worth reading!