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Galleon, by Dudley Pope – pirate fiction

Galleon is the third book in the Ned Yorke series. In Jamaica Ned Yorke, the leader of the buccaneers, and Sir Thomas Whetstone, his second-in-command, begin to build homes on their plantations. They are now both extremely rich men. But the trouble is brewing in the Caribean, and when a new governor arrives from England, he soon turns out to completely lack an understanding of the realities of the Caribbean and declares Ned to be an outlaw.

England has fallen under a blanket of peace with the restoration of Charles II. But even though there nominally is peace with Spain, there is No Peace Beyond the Line. However, the new Governor is unable to understand this – he believes more in letters on a piece of paper signed in Europe than the harsh realities of the situation in the Caribbean communicated to him by Ned Yorke and others with knowledge of local conditions.

But Ned Yorke, Admiral of the Brethren, leader of the Buccaneers will not kowtow to the new Governor. Neither will Ned Yorke and his Buccaneers not remain idle. In the third book in the series, again set in the Caribbean, Dudley Pope reveals a masterful plot of subtle, seafaring lore wound around the tense excitement of adventure on the high seas. It is a tale full of fighting, conflicts, and treachery. Great entertainment!