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Command, by Julian Stockwin

Command is the seventh book of the very interesting Kydd series by Julian Stockwin. Very unexpectedly, Thomas Kydd is appointed Commander and master of his own brig-sloop Teazer (16-gun). However, the sloop is
far from ready for sea, and Kydd must race against the clock to make her battle-ready.

Kydd feels the elation and weight of command as he, and he alone is responsible for the successes and failures aboard his command. However, as we have come to expect, Kydd rises to the challenge, his determination and resourcefulness coming to the fore. He has worked his way up in the hierarchy of the Royal Navy all the way from the bottom, and he is not about to give up now. And he adapts to the new situation admirably. His is leadership based entirely on his personal qualities, blessed with the common touch, and his competency as a blue water seaman.

We follow him on missions where he makes mistakes, but gradually learns and builds confidence. And, as well, he eventually succeeds in the course of a successful sea battle against La Fouine, an action that brings him revenge for an earlier exchange where the French ship almost had the better of him. Unfortunately, in the midst of this, peace “breaks out” and Kydd is sent ashore without a ship or job.

Kydd is then faced with desperate times as he faces the loss of his livelihood and his best friend. To make ends meet, he agrees to transport convicts to Australia. Little does he know that his friend Renzi, weakened by illness and embittered with the service, is also bound for that colony as a settler. There they will be forced to face their deepest fears and prove themselves against all odds.

Command is another great novel in the “Kydd” series. It is exciting and interesting. The turnaround in the relationship between Kydd and Renzi is very interesting and intriguing.