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Barracuda 945, by Patrick Robinson

Patrick Robinson’s navy thriller Barracuda 945 is a fast-paced techno-thriller that will delight fans of the Admiral Arnold  Morgan series. It is a story full of action.

It starts with British SAS commando Major Ray Kerman, stationed in Israel, who decides to join Hamas, and quickly becomes a leading figure in the organization due to bold successes. He then sets in motion a grand scheme targeting the US, where he Ray buys a Russian nuclear submarine, the Barracuda 945. His plan is to attack the West Coast of the United States with missile strikes against the Alaskan oil supplies and the California electrical grid. Quite a plot, but then terrorist plots in real life have at times been quite spectacular in their conceptions as well.

Gradually the presence of a submarine on the loose becomes known to American intelligence organizations, and National Security Advisor Vice Admiral Arnold Morgan naturally leads the US Navy’s efforts to stop the Barracuda 945. However, locating this deadly nuclear sub is difficult to the extreme. And then the missile strikes against Alaskan oil supplies for California’s electrical grid starts. Can Barracuda 945 be stopped?

We meet Arnold Morgan annoyed to the extreme, and with a raging temper, in this book. I really enjoy the sequences where he is in focus. He is an impressive and also quite amusing character. Barracuda 945 is a great read. Robinson’s thriller is the work of a skilled storyteller and researcher. And the story is fast-paced and just far-fetched enough. It is a good thriller, even though it is not quite up to the standards of his best, for example, Nimitz Class.