NavyFiction is a blog for reviews of good and interesting navy fiction books – sometimes referred to by other keywords such as nautical fiction, maritime fiction, war at sea fiction, or similar terms. I do not have a navy or military background at all – having read a large number of historical fiction books, and increasingly navy fiction books, I have simply found that I like this genre more and more.

While thrillers and mystery novels are most often based on plots that have mostly invented by the author, historical fiction books are based on real events – albeit sometimes stretching the “facts” a little here and there. Thus the plots hardly ever feel unreal or not logical. Rather the authors spin a tale about something that has happened, and that it is actually often very interesting to learn about.

So far I have mostly read novels from what is often referred to as the “Age of Sails”, but I have also wandered into a number of other time periods. And I have to say that nine of ten books – at least – impress me at the same time as they inform and entertain me. Historical fiction, and navy fiction as well, is a great and very entertaining way to learn about important historical events and people, and also – I hope – serve to increase my and other readers’ understanding of the past and the people that took part in building the present.

This is my own little hobby site. I have started it because I love to read and sometimes (actually, quite often) find books that I like and think maybe other book lovers would like to have a go at. Sometimes – but not quite so often – I find books I don’t like quite as much and feel that even advice to not read or invest in a certain book may be valuable, as there is much too read and much too little time available for doing it.

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Love and Happy Reading!