With Blood and Iron, by Douglas Reeman

by Peter on December 14, 2010

This is a very unusual book. Reeman, With Blood and Iron, by Douglas Reeman an English author (Douglas Reeman is also the author of the Richard Bolitho series, writing as Alexander Kent) who fought in World War II himself, wrote this book about a German U-boat and its commander – Rudolf Steiger – in 1964. With Blood and Iron is an excellent book by Douglas Reeman, and interestingly written entirely from the point of view of the Germans. The fights, the sinking of convoy vessels, event in Germany, the British invasion of France, increasing French resistance to the German occupation, the conflicts between the different branches of the German army – it is all there, all told in a fictionalized, but very emphatic and interesting fashion.

In the beginning of 1944, the balance of power has shifted – in the Atlantic and elsewhere. For Rudolf Steiger, ace U-boat commander, there is a new sense of urgency. Dedicated, ruthless, fanatical, he has become a legend in his own time, a symbol of Germany’s greatness. But now, as he takes the U-boat flotilla, Meteor, out into the bitter winter seas, he faces a new and deadly enemy – his own nagging doubts about the outcome of the war. Steiger knows that his destiny may be to court heroic death rather than suffer ignominious defeat.

I was to some extent stunned by this book. It is simply very good and extremely interesting naval historical fiction from World War II. And a very generous book as well, as it is written by a former enemy. If you are interested in this era, go get With Blood and Iron!

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