Troubled Waters, by Dewey Lambdin

by Peter on December 18, 2010

Among the books I love the most to read, are historical novels. Master & Commander, Sword Song, Masters of Rome, and more, are among my favorites.

And to me, there is hardly anything more romantic, intriguing, exotic and interesting then a great naval novel, of course about the British navy during the era of sail. To read about the careers of naval commanders, the battles, the political intrigue, the ships and crews.

The Alan Lewrie series:

  1. The King’s Coat (1989)
  2. The French Admiral (1990)
  3. The King’s Commission (1991)
  4. The King’s Privateer (1992)
  5. The Gun Ketch (1993)
  6. For King and Country (omnibus) (1994)
  7. H.M.S. Cockerel (1995)
  8. A King’s Commander (1997)
  9. Jester’s Fortune (1999)
  10. The King’s Captain (2000)
  11. Sea of Grey (2002)
  12. Havoc’s Sword (2003)
  13. The Captain’s Vengeancee (2004)
  14. A King’s Trade (2006)
  15. Troubled Waters (2008)
  16. The Baltic Gambit (2009)

There are a number of great series of historical books from the Age of Sails: The Hornblower adventures, the Aubrey/Maturiin series, the Lord Ramage series, the Richard Bolitho series, and others. And, as well, the series entitled The Naval Adventures of Alan Lewrie by Dewey Lambdin. Great, joyful reading. One of my favorites!

Troubled WatersTroubled Waters, by Dewey Lambdin takes place in the Spring of 1800. Captain Alan Lewrie is fresh from victory in the South Atlantic, and he is reckoned a hero on a par with Nelson in all the papers. And back in England, he’s fitting out his new frigate, HMS Savage, the fruits of that victory, the largest and best-armed frigate he’s ever commanded. But trouble is brewing, as it always is when Lewrie is on shore. The Beauman family has filed a lawsuit in Jamaica, and Alan Lewrie has been found guilty. Now he finds himself sentenced to death!

A great book, and a great series of books by the gifted storyteller Dewey Lambdin. Great entertainment, as historical fiction should be!

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