Ramage and the Saracens, by Dudley Pope

by Peter on November 2, 2010

The series about Lord Ramage and his adventures, written by Dudley Pope, is one of the most entertaining and interesting ofthe many nautical fiction series around.

After the Battle of Trafalgar, where Lord Nelson lost his life, Captain Lord Ramage and his crew on the 32 gun frigate HMS Calypso is back in the Mediterranean. Cruising along Ramage and the Saracens, by Dudley Pope on their way to Naples, they enter into a terrible situation when they meet two French 74 gun ships of the line, and end up in a position where they cannot run away from them! Disaster seems very near.

However, they do arrive in Naples (how they survive, you must read the book to find out), and there Captain Ramage and Calypso are given fresh orders from the Admiral in charge there. It turns out that pirates from the Barbary Coast, the Saracens, are again active in Sicily. They terrorize fishing ports and capture men and women into slavery.

Ramage and Calypso are sent to Sicily stop the Saracens before they can attack another town. And this he sets out to do. But first he gathers information on the pirates and their movements. It soon becomes apparent that the task will be a very difficult one, as they are likely to be facing a large force, more than twice the number of crew on the Calypsos.

Then, having defeated the pirates, Ramage sets off as commander of a small fleet to rescue the Sicilians captured by the Saracens. And again, he is faced with a tough and very difficult battle.

This is one of the best books in the Lord Ramage series. There is a lot of adventure, and while the first half of the book is good and interesting, in the second half there is almost non-stop action. Ramage and the Saracens is a wonderful read, very hard to put down!

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