Quarterdeck, by Julian Stockwin

by Peter on December 16, 2010

At the battle of Camperdown, Thomas Kydd was promoted to acting lieutenant. Quarterdeck starts right at the examination to confirm his rank. As it turns out, he has a championQuarterdeck, by Julian Stockwin on the examining board. However, this is but the first of many obstacles. Kydd is from humble origins, but to become an officer he must now also become a gentleman. If not, he will spend the rest of his career as a tarpaulin officer. And Renzi, his friend, is of course a natural choice to train him in manners and the art of conversation.

So, in Quarterdeck Kydd and his particular friend Renzi set sail in Tenacious for the North American station. The young United States is in dispute with revolutionary France. Kydd soon finds himself seconded as a naval observer to the United States Navy.

Returning to the squadron in Halifax, participates in a hydrographic survey, and makes a chance acquaintance with a mysterious, extraordinarily beautiful young woman whom he invites as his companion to an official function in Halifax. As it turns out, this invitation has a number of consequences Kydd was totally unable to foresee!

I found Quarterdeck very interesting. In addition to the action and such in this book, Stockwin also puts his finger to some of the important differences in class and class culture between the foremast and quarterdeck, and illustrates these differences and their consequences very nicely.

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