Mr Midshipman Easy, by Frederick Marryat

by Peter on December 13, 2010

This book was written in the 1830s for entertainment rather than as an historical fiction book. But as it was written by a Captain in the Royal Navy at the time, it is even so a bookMr Midshipman Easy, by Frederick Marryat well grounded in the historical realities of the time. As well, this story is a sharp, and at times also very witty social commentary.

In Mr Midshipman Easy, Frederick Marryat tells the tales of the multiple adventures of a well to do son of an amateur philosopher after he has entered the Royal Navy. He joins to test and promote his socialist philosophy of the “equality of man”.

Fast paced, lots of action and adventure, although it may be a little farfetched at times. The tale is filled with everything the high-seas have to offer – love, friendship, heroic deeds, luck and fortune. And there are lots if interesting and funny stuff, like the come-uppance of a conniving father-confessor and an odd, strange and even hilarious three-way duel, and much more.

It is a delightful book, probably even more humorous and entertaining today than it might have been 200 years ago. A remarkable book, especially considering the time in which it was written. Mr Midshipman Easy is recognized as one of the most authentic works of nautical adventure in literature.

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