The Ramage Touch, by Dudley Pope

by Peter on January 19, 2011

In The Ramage Touch, Captain Lord Ramage is again back in the Mediterranean. He is prowling the Tuscan coast with his ship HMS Calypso The Ramage Touch, by Dudley Pope and his trusted crew. He finds and captures two French bomb vessels. Then closer investigation reveals that the vessels are part of a larger French invasion fleet on a secret mission. However, the target for this invasion fleet is unknown, and Ramage must decide what to do to thwart the French plans.

This, of course, is an opportunity a man like Ramage simply cannot let pass. It is a new chance to apply his devastating but low-casualty "touch" to the French. He sets out to discover the target for the French mission, then attacks a harbor, chases a frigate, and destroys the enemy’s plans.

The Ramage Touch is another light and enjoyable read in the Ramage series from Dudley Pope. Lord Ramage is a very fascinating character. There is less action here than in some of the other books, and considerably less than in the best books in the Richard Bolitho series and the Alan Lewrie series, but still enough. The Ramage Touch is not among the best in the series, but still very worthwhile. A good read!

Praise for the Ramage-series by Dudley Pope:

"All the verve and expertise of Forester." -- The Observer

"Expert Knowledge of naval history." -- Guardian

Takes over the helm from Hornblower. -- Daily Mirror

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