Ramage's Mutiny, by Dudley Pope

by Peter on April 6, 2011

This is another novel in the Lord Ramage series set in the Caribbean. Ramage's Mutiny Ramage is now assigned one of the French frigates he captured in the previous book, Ramage's Diamond, now renamed as HMS Calypso. But before he can set out on his new mission, he must attend to the court martial of four captured, vicious mutineers from the British ship Jocasta. The mutineers murdered all their officers and surrendered their vessel to Spain.

After the court duty is over, Lord Ramage and his crew embarks on another impossible mission. His task, assigned him by his Admiral, is to recover the surrendered Jocasta by any means. The problem is that she is held in the heavily fortified Spanish port of Santa Cruz, where the harbor is controlled by three forts. But of course the clever and inventive Ramage does not bother too much with other people’s perceptions of odds, and comes up with another of his ruses to alter the playing fields. But how he is to do it this time is very far from obvious, and us usual his plan is surprising and very clever.

Dudley Pope is a great writer. He is said to have been appointed by C. S. Forester as his “successor”, and it is not difficult to understand that. In this book, as in some others, he uses Ramage's officers as commentators on Ramage’s leadership. As well, there are delightful discussions of possible enemy responses, the uses of planned surprises, and so forth. The characters are great, the plot marvelous, and the action fast and furious. Reading Ramage's Mutiny was pure joy! And the final scene, where Ramage meets up with his somewhat arrogant and greedy Admiral back in Antigua, beautifully displays Ramage's audacity.

Praise for Dudley Pope:

The excitement never slackens." (The Sunday Times)

"The first and still the favourite to Hornblower." -- Daily Mirror

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