Ramage and the Rebels, by Dudley Pope

by Peter on April 26, 2011

Ramage and the Rebels is written as the ninth novel in the nautical fiction series about Lord Ramage, the smart and courageous hero of Dudley Pope. Ramage and the Rebels, by Dudley Pope It is based on historical events occurring in the year 1800.

In Ramage and the Rebels, Lord Ramage and his ship is sent off to deal with privateers operating out of the Dutch island of Curacao. The first thing they find is a sinking British ship; her crew and passengers have been ruthlessly murdered at the hands of a French privateer, and the women raped as well. Supported by his men in a thirst for righteous vengeance, Ramage sets sail to bring the murderers to justice. And ends up as the Governor of Curacao! Thus – in this book we meet another and new face of Ramage – that of Lord Ramage the diplomat.

The battles in this book – both at sea and on land – are violent and fierce. Ramage is several times severely challenged. But by out-guessing and outsmarting his opponents Lord Ramage minimizes his losses and achieves brilliant victories. And in this volume another beautiful foreign lady falls victim to his considerable gentlemanly charms.

Dudley Pope’s writing is good, the style is clear, the plot is well thought out, and the action very intelligent and fun. Ramage and the Rebels is an entertaining and exciting book. One of the better books in this remarkable, funny and clever series, in my opinion.

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