Ramage and the Guillotine, by Dudley Pope

by Peter on January 29, 2011

Ramage and the Guillotine is set after the first Battle of Copenhagen,Ramage and the Guillotine, by Dudley Pope between 1801 and 1805. Lieutenant Lord Nicholas Ramage is chosen by Lord Nelson to plumb the secrets of the French High Command. To do this, he is required to enter France on land and spy out the preparations for invasion of England.

The Royal Navy and Nelson were willing to tolerate unusual methods and breaches of the law as long as it produced results. Thus, to achieve the goals set for the mission, Ramage aligns himself with English smugglers running smuggling operations between France and England.

Overall, the story is an interesting tale of intrigue. And of course Lord Ramage develops a brilliant and very daring spy scheme, and gets into serious trouble. However, there is almost no actual naval action in Ramage and the Guillotine. And, while somewhat interesting and perhaps more or less required reading by Ramage fans, to my mind this is clearly the weakest book I have read in this series so far.

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