Ramage and the Dido, by Dudley Pope

by Peter on April 20, 2011

Ramage has had a fantastic career at sea and has achieved a series of quite stunning feats. And in recognition of his great achievements, their Lordships of the Admiralty have made Ramage & The Dido, Dudley Pope Lord Nicholas Ramage captain of a ship of the line - the youngest man to be so honored since Nelson himself. The ship, HMS Dido, is a 3rd rate 74 gun ship of the line and perhaps the most prized war machine of the British Navy. Ramage now commands a ship that carries enough weight of metal to destroy a frigate in a single broadside.

And with it, Ramage soon sees a lot of action. His first test of the ship takes place already while he is on the way to the Caribbean to receive his new orders, when he meets two French frigates and a ship of the line. And in the Caribbean, a challenge and much more action awaits the gallant captain Ramage and his battle-hardened crew!

Ramage & The Dido is a book with a lot of naval action and relatively little down-time. It is easy to read, well plotted, and overall great entertainment. I enjoyed it a lot!

Sadly, however, it is also the last book in the series about Captain Ramage. There is every indication that Dudley Pope did not intend it to be the last – there are many loose ends in the series - but so it is. Regardless, this is a thrilling and exhilarating book, and Ramage and the Dido is the conclusion to Lord Ramage's adventures at sea. This book definitely is one to read!

'Ramage victorious at every turn' - The Times

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