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by Peter on January 16, 2011

Dudley was a productive writer and has written a considerable number of books. The books can be grouped into three categories based on their content.

1. The Lord Ramage series, by Dudley Pope

Dudley Pope's series about Lord Ramage is set between the years 1796 and 1807. They are all about the navy. There are three main groups of books. The first is the fictional series about Lord Ramage. The second is the fictional series about Buccaneer Need Yorke and his decendants. And the third group of books are Dudley Pope's non-fiction books.

The Lord Ramage series

Dudley Pope's fame is mostly due to his series about Lord Ramage, a very fascinating series of navy fiction novels.

Here are links to an introduction about the series and to the books in the Lord Ramage series listed by the year of events, and with title and publication year:

2. The Ned Yorke series

The Yorke series (a k a the Buccaneer series) spans 280 years. The first four books feature privateer Ned Yorke in Jamaica in 1600s:

The last two books are about Ned Yorke's decendants in WW II:

3. Non-fiction books by Dudley Pope

Dudley Pope was an acclaimed navy historian. His books shed considerable light on several key historical events (links to amazon US).

  1. Flag 4: The Battle of Coastal Forces in the Mediterranean (1954)
  2. The Battle of the River Plate : The Hunt for the German Pocket Battleship Graf Spee (1956)
  3. 73 North: The Battle of the Barents Sea 1942 (1958)
  4. Decision at Trafalgar: The Story of the Greatest British Naval Battle of the Age of Nelson (Heart of Oak Sea Classics Series) (1959)
  5. England Expects (1959)
  6. Black Ship (1963)
  7. Harry Morgan's Way: Biography Of Sir Henry Morgan 1635-1688 (1977)
  8. The Great Gamble. Nelson At Copehagen (1978)
  9. Life in Nelsons Navy 1793-1815 (1981)
  10. The Devil Himself: The Mutiny of 1800 (1988)
  11. At 12 Mr. Byng was Shot (1962)
Life in Nelson's navy

I have read his Life in Nelson's Navy, and found it very interesting. The facts about the Royal Navy presetned in this book are extremely interesting and important for people wanting to understand the Navy at that time. I recommend it for people interested in naval fiction from the Age of Sail! (Links to amazon US and amazon UK). The Great Gambit: Nelson at Copenhagen

I also strongly recommend two other of his his non-fiction books. The first is The Great Gamble: Nelson at Copenhagen. A wonderful, very well documented account of a very famous battle! (Links to this book at amazon UK and amazon US.

The second non-fiction book that may be of great interest toThe Black Ship, by Dudley Pope readers of historical fiction is a meticulously researched story of the bloodiest mutiny in the history of the British Navy - that of HMS Hermione in 1797. A very interesting book! (Links to The Black Ship at amazon US and amazon UK.

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